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I am Sweata Bansal, the Founder of Ivin Design Management, a design house that customizes artworks along with providing advisory and consulting services. Since childhood, I watched my mom design clothes and manage a clothing boutique, which inspired my interest in art and designing. I still remember spending hours every holiday stroking my pencils and brushes across papers and canvases to create real-life sketches, illustrations, and art pieces. 
After receiving my Master’s degree in Business Administration in India, I decided to pursue my passion for art by joining the Fashion Designing Advanced Diploma Course at a renowned institute in 1999. I explored various art mediums like watercolors, acrylic paints, poster colors, oils paints, and charcoal. More importantly, I experimented with the usage of these mediums on distinct bases including paper, canvas, wood, glass, terracotta, ceramic, and fabric. 

I present various art genres like contemporary, traditional, and modern art, and specialize in art mediums such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, charcoal, fluid art, and resin. I paint and design various abstract and theme-based commissioned artworks, along with exhibiting my work for display and sale at exhibitions and private events. I also provide consulting services for aspiring artists and design-houses to guide them about the numerous aspects of artistic ventures. 

I create exclusive artworks made with high-quality materials and a lot of emotion! I’m happy to see the grand scale impact that my artwork can create in the daily lives of people through its deep messaging and purpose. My clients often describe my work as one that evokes a feeling of calmness and optimism. 

I have a beautiful family – married for 23 years to Deepak and mother of two teenagers, Siddhi and Vinayak. Love to spend time with them!

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